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Post Work

NY Health and Racquet Ball Club

Timex Ironman

Timex Hollidays

Timex wanted a 30 second edit displaying their holiday line of watches.

Timex Harborside

Spectrum Networks

Spectrum Networks needed something to show off all of their channels and shows as well as local news and sports. 

Hudson River Park


Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood needed over eight hours worth of content to be projected onto their new observatory in Orlando, consisting of genre edits, sing alongs and more. Here is one of the sing along songs.

Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible recently opened in DC. They needed hours worth of content for a hallway ceiling. They provided high res photos of very old Bible paintings that were then rotoscoped and animated. Here are a few of the deliverables that Dante worked on exclusively

Hudson River Park

Exxxtra Credit


Toni's Kitchen

Directed by Dante Giannetta

Shot by Dante Giannetta and Patrick Clark

Edited by Dante Giannetta

Directed by Dante Giannetta 

Written by Dante Giannetta

Edited by Dante Giannetta

Samantha Sayah;

Zumba Fitness

Directed by Dante Giannetta

Shot by Dante Giannetta

Edited by Dante Giannetta

Arts Pride New Jersey on Arts Advocacy Day

Directed by Dante Giannetta

Shot by Allison Council

Edited by Dante Giannetta

Studio Work

Carpe Diem:Heros

Directed by Dante Giannetta 

Carpe Diem:Into the Blue

Co-Produced by Dante Giannetta, Jon Vazquez and Mike Sheehan

Final Edits by Dante Giannetta 


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